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Tip: Transiting Seymour Narrows

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How to find the course you should steer when you know the current

You plot a course and speed for your destination.

You check the current table and find that you will encounter a strong, broad-side current.

How do you determine the course you should actually steer and the speed you should actually make in order to get to your desired destination on time?


How to find your position using radar

You see two landmarks or buoys you can identify on your radar.

Using your radar's distance tools, you plot two "arcs of position" on your chart. Where they cross is your position.

OR - you can see only one identifiable landmark or buoy.

Using your radar's distance AND bearing tools, you plot your position from this one object.

The slideshow demonstrates how to do this kind of radar navigation work.


How to find your Estimated Position

Do you know how to navigate without your GPS?

What happens if you can only see ONE buoy or landmark and can't get a 'fix' using two lines of position?

How do you estimate where you 'most likely' are using only that one marker?

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